Vessel Learning Management System (vLMS)


SQLearn’s vLMS is a web based e-learning system specifically designed for the shipping industry. vLMS can be used from any modern PC and helps the crew as well as the officers to access training resources and assessments.

Custom E-Learning courses


Design and development of custom e-learning courses that are based on your company’s training material, procedures, ship types, trades and culture. The e-learning courses are designed to keep the learner’s interest using multimedia elements, interactions and self-assessment modules.

Incidents - Lessons Learnt


This type of e-learning course is based on an incident report and gives users a detailed description of an incident using 3D video animation techniques. The goal is to help users understand the root cause of an incident and prevent similar incidents from occurring. The material can be used on board for reflective learning sessions and gives users an accurate representation of a situation or incident.


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