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Theta Marine Consulting provide services in terms of continuous monitoring of the implementation of the Company's Management System (CMS) as per ISM and ISPS Codes as well as of the implementation of the Environmental Management System (EMS) as per ISO 14001 standards ashore and onboard the managed vessels, including other activities as described here below :


  • Continuous Monitoring of CMS, Ship Security Plan (SSP) and EMS implementation by reviewing relevant checklists, forms and documents (which must be forwarded by the vessels at defined intervals). Monitoring will also include random requesting and reviewing forms / logs which normally do not need to be forwarded i.e copies of Oil Record Books, Passage Plans, Bridge Logbook, etc.


  • Continuous Monitoring of the new industry requirements, forthcoming International, National and Flag Administration regulations, Oil Majors requirements, Port State Control Campaigns, etc. As areas in need of revisions are identified, the existing CMS, SSP and EMS procedures and forms will be updated to new regulatory or industry standards.


  • Proactive measures vis a vis future operational trends and TMSA/ Industry requirements.


  • Reports to the Company in case of problems related to the implementation and effectiveness of the SMS /SSP /EMS. Proposals for improvement.


  • Participation in the Quarterly Management Review Committee Meetings. Preparation of the Management Review Committee Meetings / Agenda / Minutes. Follow up action plans deriving from Management Reviews. Preparation of statistics, reports, realignment of KPIs/ Targets, etc..


  • Support during external Office audits by Oil majors or Other 3rd parties. Analysis of results, identification of trends and proposals of corrective actions.


  • Analysis of navigational deficiencies - identification of trends. Proposal for corrective / preventive actions.


  • Follow up and analysis of vetting /external/ 3rd party and Internal inspections / audits, Non-Conformities, Near Misses, PSC deficiencies, etc. Root Cause analysis, Identification of trends, proposals for Corrective / Preventive actions and ways of implementation. Any identified "Lessons Learnt" will be forwarded to the vessels through the Company. If areas for continual improvement are identified, existing procedures will be reviewed and expanded upon as appropriate.


  • Proposals and follow up of Company's KPIs, based on Industry sources and Oil Majors requirements.


  • Identification of Best Practices from the Industry and proposals to the Company. Preparation of a Company's Best Practice Database.


  • Preparation of Health, Safety, Environmental, Quality, Security, etc. Circulars and Bulletins with statistics, trends, analysis of industry incidents, benchmarking, best practices identified, etc., as per TMSA requirements.


  • Support for the issuance of the Semi Annual Safety Publications and the Company's Annual report regarding to the fleet profile, improvements, statistics, trends, analysis of Incidents, benchmarking, best practices identified, etc. as per TMSA requirements.


  • Model Company's presentations with the most favorable statistics, trends, KPIs and results of Company's Safety and Environmental activities for introduction during an Oil Major Office Audit / meeting. this can be also useful for the Company's website.


  • Behavioral based tools for enhancing safety awareness and behavior (i.e Take five)


  • Preparation of submissions and charges of the TMSA to OCIMF database.


  • Preparation of "Action Plan" for further TMSA compliance, etc.


  • Tools for Benchmarking for Company's performance regarding LTIF, TRCF, PSC, CO2, etc. Benchmarking of Company's performance against similar Companies.


  • Follow up of the Risk Assessment program in accordance with the TMSA and industry requirements. Development of a Risk Assessment and Risk Management Library, with various examples of Risk Assessment and Risk Management.


  •  Preparation and training for Office and Vessel's personnel for vetting by Oil Majors.


  • Development of a list of model Management of Change Cases, incorporating the Risk Assessment element, which can be used as examples.


  • Lessons Learnt arising from Investigations into marine incidents, etc. 

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