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During the current Worldwide Health Crisis,

Theta Training Center (TTC) has developed  a newinnovative instruction for our clients.


Specific Interactive on-line instruction has been added to our existing list of learning solutions. Bespoke to our clients, Theta Training Center courses are accessible to anyone who has access to a computer with internet facility, a web camera and audio.


During the online instruction, our experienced instructors and assessors will deliver to you, in the safety of your own home or workplace, a comprehensive support package to your chosen course(s).


All learning outcomes will be achieved without compromising your own Theta Training Center's high expectation standards. Education on-line will not compromise your ability to learn, innovate and deliver. 

Available  Courses

  • Real Time Navigation and ECDIS Assessment  Duration: 3 Days 

  • ISPS/ISM/MLC Internal Auditor  Duration: 2 Days 

  • GDPR: from theory to practice   Duration: 1 Day 

  • Cyber and Maritime Security   Duration: 1 Day 

  • SIRE Inspections (Vetting)   Duration: 2 Days 

  • Company Security Officer Duration: 3 Days 

  • Incident Investigation and Root Analysis  Duration: 2 Days 

  • Risk Assessment  Duration: 1 Day 

  • Qualified Marine Assessor  Duration: 2 Days 

  • Train the Trainer  Duration: 2 Days 

  • Technical Superintendent Inspection  Duration: 1 Day 

  • Oily Water Separator  Duration: 1 Day 

  • Emergency Generator Power Plant  Duration: 1 Day 

For any inquiry regarding the public courses click here

For any inquiry regarding the in-house courses contact us at or +30 210 42 86 552