Pre - Purchase Survey


These inspections are undertaken prior purchasing an asset to evaluate the exact physical condition of the vessel. This inspection brings forward the true picture and can save considerable amount of money for the client. Pre-purchase inspection of the vessel ensures that the client gets good value for his money and that the vessel being purchased is suitable for the intended purpose. The inspection includes, among other things, thorough inspection of the vessel's hull, scantlings and structures, scrutiny of class records, inspection of the Machinery including their past history and current condition and operating efficiency, and also detailed close-up inspection of each equipment.

Pre - Charter Survey


Today a lot of emphasis is laid on the vessel inspections prior being chartered by the oil companies to avoid any incidents from happening due to the heavy financial claims and loss of name. To ensure that the best vessels are chartered by our clients to meet their needs and ensure safe carriage of the clients cargo, we carry out the pre-charter inspections based completely on our clients needs. Our highly qualified inspectors who are experienced ex-masters and ex-chief engineers from tankers ensure that we select the best vessels for our clients.

Condition Survey


This includes a through survey and inspection of the Hull, machinery, equipment, Safety systems, trading certificates to ascertain the overall condition of the vessel. Such inspection is generally commissioned by insurance companies for loss prevention or before a cover is offered for the vessel.



At Theta Marine  we carry out various inspections, surveys and audits as per company requirements. We can carry out the inspections/audits for a particular vessel or for the entire fleet on a contract basis depending upon the individual owner or operator preferences.

Through the extensive experience and professional knowledge of our inspectors, we ensure that the inspections are carried out thoroughly to cover all aspects of the purpose for which the inspection was commissioned by the client.

Due Diligence Survey


Such surveys and inspections are required by banks, insurance companies, financial institutions to ascertain that the actual condition of the vessel, equipment or asset is as claimed.



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