The Audit embraces assessment of on board bridge team navigational standards (Element 5 in TMSA), mooring operations (Element 6A in TMSA), OCIMF SIRE VIQ Chapter 4. 


TMSA 3 - Element 5 - 4.3  "The vessel operator arranges independent, random navigational reviews across the fleet to check general navigational competence."


According to OCIMF TMSA element 5, the operator shall arrange independent navigational reviews to check the navigational competence. A navigational audit can also be performed after an incident or to improve navigational procedures after an observation on a vetting/CDI inspection. 


The audit report embraces questionnaires/ checklists basis the CDI/SIRE VIQ, gap analysis in terms of TMSA and best-in-class industry standards, and onboard training for enhancing comprehensive navigation practices.

Real Time Navigational Audits & Assessments


Navigational Audits & Assessments are carried out to verify safety of navigation, ensure effective and consistent application of navigational practices and bridge procedures in accordance with regulatory and industry requirements. 



Remote Navigational Audits

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